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1972 to 76 Kawasaki Z1 "Concours" Restorations for sale.

1974 Kawasaki Z1A 900

1974 Z1A 900 concours restoration by Classic Bikes Ltd - Example Sold in 2006.

1972 to 76 Kawasaki Z1 "Concours" Restorations for sale or to order.

General Information (Updated January 2019).

The small number of fully re-built concours machines we restore, are either for sale or can built to order for you.

Kawasaki Z900s have always been our speciality and we sell around 45 to 50 Z900s every year. Generally the Z1-900s we sell range from around £6000 to £17000 to £20K (for show condition). However, each year we restore three or four Z900s aiming for 100% "as new" concours condition, the best quality we can achieve. These are much more expensive and range from £20000 to £35000+ (including the bike to start with and VAT). It would be possible for us to "restore" a Z1 for much less. Such a bike might look as good and cost only £15000, but there would have to be compromise on the quality and extent of the work, which is not what we want to do!

Rebuild Specification.

On these fully re-built 900s every thing we can replace with new parts or restore to as new specification is done. We are setting out with quality as our objective and that means of course that we sacrifice to cost! These bikes are very expensive to rebuild to this standard.

Each bike is completely stripped down and re-built using genuine new parts where possible and to original factory specification. Work starts from checking and re-jigging the frame etc..

The engines are stripped down and casings and castings cleaned by Steve Smethurst using a barrelling process. Our engines are fully re-built and work includes crank restored by SEP, new pistons and rings and re-bore as required and new clutch. The engine's head will be fully re-built with for example, all new valves, guides and seals as a matter of course. We expect to spend around £4000 - £5000 on the engines alone. And yes, if you would like metal plug caps we can fit them!

  • All chrome is mostly new or re-finished to as new specification.

  • Wheels are re-built with refurbished original rims, cleaned and refinished hubs and new spokes.

  • Our rebuilt bikes brakes have new master cylinders, disks and calipers (not refurbished items).

  • Work is completed by either by Steve Smethurst, or ourselves.

  • All colour options are available for each model.

  • Twin front disks are available (approx. £1000 extra).

  • Each bike is complete with tools and owners hand book, spare engine oil and Haynes workshop manual.

  • Full specifications are available on request and included with each bike.


Each bike is road tested and ready to go and will of course be warranted for 3 months. In addition we will be pleased to help with any advice, problems and servicing at any time.


Price includes free delivery in our van for up to 200 miles A to B distance. Any additional mileage is at 90p/mile A to B within the UK.

An International Delivery Service to any location is also available. Please contact us for a quotation. (Europe approx. £600, Australia by air approx. £1800, USA by air approx £1000).

Please phone or email for more information.

Model History.

For Kawasaki Z1-Z900 model history and road tests click here

 Fully Restored 900s in stock and for sale (March 2019);

NB. We have a Z900 and original UK Z1B which are suitable for restoration but are not shown on our stocklist.

1975 Z900 frame # Z1F-093529 - diamond dark green,  estimate completed by March 2019 £24995  see photos here.

1976 Z900 frame # Z1F-111619 - diamond dark green, with twin front disks £POA - see photos here.  SOLD

For other Z900s in stock from £6000 to £19000 see our full Stocklist.

The Photos below show details and examples of recently fully rebuilt machines;


NB All photos are copyright Classic Bikes Ltd.

1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 - a very rare original UK registered example in Candy Orange

1973 Z1 candy orange, fully restored by us in 2004 a very rare original UK registered example SOLD March 2010

1973 Kawasaki Z1

1973 Z1 in candy yellow, images showing details.

1973 Kawasaki Z1 engine

Tom and George have a moment of self doubt !

A rebuild begins with a complete strip down and then the frame is checked for damage and alinement.

Z1B restoration project October 07

1975 Kawasaki Z1B 900

1975 Z1B 900 concours restoration. Sold Dec. 06

1975 Kawasaki Z1B 900

1974 Kawasaki Z1A 900

For Kawasaki Z1-Z900 model history and road tests click here

For other Z900s in stock from £5000 to £19000 see our full Stocklist.