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1972 Kawasaki  Z1 engine

"Kawasaki Z1 / Z900"

Rod Ker time travels......back to 1972

With Model history, photos and archive material.

"Kawasaki's ‘New York Steak’ prototypes disguised as Honda CB750s were plying the roads of America by 1971, clocking up big mileages to make sure that everything was right first time".



1972 Yamaha XS2 650

Yamaha v British 650 Twin

July 2014 and Rod Ker time travels......back to the 1970's once again

The story or the Yamaha XS650 and the fortunes of the British Bike Industry......



1976 - Jota vs Z900

Class of '76: Laverda Jota v Kawasaki Z900

Rod Ker time travels......

It's 1976 (don't argue!). You want to buy a motorcycle... A very fast motorcycle......



Kawasaki 500 Triples

Kawasaki 500 Triples.

Rod Ker time travels....

"It's a pity this site doesn't have sound, because there's nothing quite like the shriek of a Kawasaki two-stroke triple being given some stick. If Hannibal Lecter practised dentistry, this is the sort of noise that would be coming from his surgery"!

L Plate 250s

L-Plate 250s

Rod Ker time travels......

"Life was so simple for fledgling bikers back in the 1970s. Anyone capable of walking as far as the local No-Star dealer without tripping over his flares could buy a motorcycle, slap on a pair of L-plates, and wobble off into the traffic".


Honda CBX 1000

Honda CBX 1000

Rod Ker time travels......back to 1978

"If you don't know what a Phantom jet fighter sounds like, buy a Honda CBX and have a fiddle with the exhaust system"! 




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